Race Report: Rottnest Channel Swim

I hate suspense, so let’s begin with the ending: I MADE IT. I made it to Rotto!!! The Rottnest Channel Solo was the hardest and most epic thing I have ever put my body through. I have never felt more exhilarated and grateful and exhausted and TOTALLY, UTTERLY, STOKED than I did when I planted … Continue reading Race Report: Rottnest Channel Swim

Tapering, Terror and the Type 1 Tribe

Countdown - one day to go. I am halfway between excited and terrified. I dreamed last night about swimming: I was swimming against the current of a river, going nowhere. I woke this morning in the darkness, with the leaden weight of anxiety on my chest and blood sugar higher than it should be. It’s … Continue reading Tapering, Terror and the Type 1 Tribe