Race Report

 Race Report: Coogee 5km

I had an early start and a sweet flat blood glucose line to wake up to before the Coogee 5km, my first open water race of the season.


I had a coffee but skipped my morning rapid insulin injection. I often need to take insulin with coffee because caffeine makes my sugar level spike, but I thought my line might stay flat because I jumped straight on my bike and rode about 30kms to Coogee beach, my legs using up glucose the whole way. I was wrong. Oops:


Yikes! Don’t know if that was nerves, the caffeine, or a combination – but my sugar level held in the 12s until the start of the race at 8am, which wasn’t fun. I felt thirsty and anxious, but didn’t want to take a correction injection, because my levels tend to crash in water. So I just rode it out.

I took my self-rescue kit anyway – there was still some risk of hypoglycaemia as I still had a full dose of long-acting insulin onboard from the night before. A gel goes down the side of my bikini top and I stash the glucose meter in the bottoms. 


On the way down to the water I spotted a guy who was also in an orange 5km cap with an insulin pump site on his tummy and pretty much knocked him over with excitement! Another type 1 swimmer! We had coffee this week. More on him in my next blog.

We swam four laps of a 1.25km rectangular course. We were up against a bit of chop swimming south, and a following sea swimming north. It didn’t take long to hit my groove, so much so that I had a moment thinking ‘Have I done 3 laps or 4?!’ – clearly my brain had switched off nicely! I like the idea that ‘miles are my meditation’- repetitive movement like swimming and cycling helps my freight train brain slow down a little, although it makes it hard to keep count of laps!

I stopped at the 2.5km mark to test – 8mmol and a slightly angled downward arrow. I felt comfortable with that and swam the remainder of the race without stopping. I emerged from the water feeling comfortable, with a blood glucose level of 6.2mmol. 

I think THAT is called NAILING IT. Hooray!

Dad also killed it in the 2.5km swim. Here we are at the end on a breakfast mission for a low carbohydrate breakfast of eggs, avocado, and coffee which kept me stable for the rest of the day. Then I got back on the pushie and rode home. Happy days.


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